Wine Barrel Gravity Defying Cake!!

One more cake is added to my cake designs!! .This cake is for my loved one!! Took around 10 hours from start to finish to complete this cake. Outcome is an awesome cake which was appreciated by everyone!!! Here are the pics !! 
Cake- ( I couldn't take pics of all the steps due to time crunch. Will try to explain in writing)
Chocolate cake made with Chocolate butter cream. This is a double barrel cake.
Step 1- bake 4 cakes using 6 inch pan. frost 2 layers of 2 cakes separately using chocolate butter cream.
Secure bottom layer cake with dowels to support this tall cake.
Top layer cake using Balloon stick to create a gravity defying cake.
Hard part of the cake is to understand how to support the bottle. Balloon stick helped in that aspect. To be more secured i kept a gauge wire in the balloon stick to support the weight of the wine bottle. Thanks to "Bevmo" i found miniature wines made of plastic.
Step3- Secure both layers using frosting and carve in the form wine barrel .
Step 4- Frost the whole cake with buttercream and refrigerate to firm the buttercream
Step 5- Marbleize the fondant to get the wood color- I used dark brown, White and light brown to get the marble effect.
Step 6- Roll the marbleized fondant in 6 mm thickness and cut into strips and using wood grain impression mat give wood effect.
Step 7- Attach all the fondant wooden strips to the cake to complete the barrel look.
Step8- Cut out dark brown color strips for metal strips.
Step 9- Finish the work using silver dust with lemon extract or vodka to paint the nails and letters.
Step 10- prepare wine colored fondant mixing red and black and create the wine pouring effect attaching strips of fondant to balloon stick.
Optional - Prepare few grapes to give extra fancy look :)
Finally keep the bottle on top of the ballon stick.
Here is the final product pics..