Winter Melon (Boodida Gummadikaya) Fritters

Few days back went to farmers market and bought winter melon(Boodida Gummadiyaka in Telugu also known as Ash melon). Was planning to make vadiyalu. Vadiyalu nothing but fritters which are usually made in hot summer in many varieties. One of the popular variety is Winter melon Fritters. Process to make vadiyalu is take spoonful of batter place it on wet cloth (like placing cookie batter on parchment paper) and dry under the sun. Usually drying takes at least 1 to 2 weeks depending on the heat. Once fritters are dried can be used through out the year storing in an air tight container. Usually fritters are eaten along with sambar/lentils.

Before keeping the batter for drying decided to make few fresh fritters. Here is the version of Pacchi Vadiyalu/fritters

Memories: I cannot finish my post if I start writing about all the memories. Glimpse of few memories associated in the process of making Vadiyalu and Papad. Parents used to keep this vadiyalu on the terrace. It is kids job to keep an eye on these vadiyalu. Not to forget while placing the fresh batter we used to taste and finish at least 1/4th quarter of batter :). There are days when surprise rain visits and we used to run to the terrace and bring back the vadiyalu. Fun old days...

Here is the recipe.



1cup of urad dal(soaked in water for 4 hrs.)
2 cups of finely sliced winter melon
Green chilies (as per your spice level)
1/4 inch of ginger
pinch of asfatoedia
salt as per your taste
oil to deep fry

Grind soaked dal with green chilies, ginger into smooth paste like Vada batter adding few drops of water.(If you add more water fritters will absorb more oil). Add salt and mix with sliced winter melon. In a pan add oil to deep fry. Once oil is hot use your fingers to drop batter in the form of fritters in hot oil. Using laddle turn the fritters so that fritters cook evenly. Fry them till they turn golden color on medium heat.
Remove it from oil and drain excess oil using paper towel.




Serve it hot.


Here is the first step of vadiyalu process (Remaining in the next post once vadiyalu is dried completely)