Cabbage Aava Petti Koora( Cabbage with mustard paste)

Cabbage is one of my daughter’s favorite vegetable. 2 days back I made Cabbage curry the way my mom and my grand mother makes it, using Mustard seeds paste (Aava).

Mustard paste gives nice flavor to cabbage. As far as I know most of the people doesn’t like to eat cabbage because of its odor. Don’t give up the vegetable because of its odor; try this recipe which gives nice flavor to cabbage.


1tbsp mustard seeds
3 red chilies
Small piece of tamarind
Cabbage chopped
Salt to taste


1tbsp oil
1tsp of mustard seeds
1tsbp of urad dal
1 red chili
Curry leaves
Pinch of turmeric powder


Soak mustard seeds, tamarind and red chilies for 1/2 hr. After mustard seeds are soaked, make a paste and keep it aside. In a pan/vessel add 1 tbsp of oil once oil is hot, add popu items. Once the mustard seeds starts popping add chopped cabbage, salt and cover it with lid on medium heat. Once in a while mix the cabbage. Once cabbage is cooked add the mustard paste and cook it for 5 mts.
Turn off the heat and serve with hot rice or rotis.

(Note: Do not cook more than 5 mts once the mustard paste is added. If mustard paste cooked more time then curry tastes bitter.).


  1. My mom made this for me. I just loved it.

  2. Great entry, looks delicious, yummy yummy!!!

  3. Nice blog! I have a surprise for you in my blog!

  4. delicious curry. love the color.

  5. Thanks Madhavi.

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