Day 3 - 30 days to Better Food Photography

I have been following "Learning Food photography" site by Neel past 1 year. If you are amateur like me this website is starting point for food photography.  Last month he announced an challenge/event called "30 days to better food photos". I signed up immediately to participate in that challenge and I am glad about my decision. Today is the 3rd day of the challenge. Last two days assignments were more of observing and taking notes. Today is the first day where I started experimenting what I’ve learnt from assignments/posts.

Today's topic is composition and angle of the food for taking better food pic. Here are the pics that I took using different angles.

Out of all the angles my favorite one was top angle (90 degree angle for this picture)

Appreciate if you can provide constructive feedback.

Drink: Mango, Orange Lassi