Set Dosa or Challa Pongaralu or Sponge Dosa or Poha dosa

Today's recipe is one of many varieties of dosa. This is my all time favorite dosa. Soft, spongy, little sour in taste with spicy Ginger chutney is an amazing combination for breakfast/dinner/snack. This dosa is prepared in a different way soaking ingredients in sour yogurt. Yogurt helps in fermentation and flattened rice/poha gives that soft, spongy texture to dosa. This dosa looks and feels like pan cakes. 

My mom makes best poha dosa ever. I always tried to make but every time it was not the same texture like the way my mom makes it.  Finally I am getting the right consistency for past few weeks. 

Here is the recipe. Next time when your kid asks for pan cakes try these and surprise them. I am sure they will love it.


3 cups of rice/parboiled rice
1 cup of poha/flattened rice
2 tbsp urad dal
3 tbsp oats (this is my variation from my moms)
1tbsp fenugreek seeds
2 cups of sour yogurt

  1. Wash all ingredients and drain the water.
  2. Soak ingredients in sour yogurt and add enough water till all the ingredients are fully submerged. (Approximately 1 cup of water)
  3. Soak for 5 to 6 hours or overnight
  4. Drain and reserve the liquid and grind to a smooth paste using the reserved liquid in a blender
  5. Add salt and mix well and keep it aside for fermentation for 3 to 4 hours.
  6. If you are living in cold temperatures keep the batter in oven with the lights on. If your oven doesn't have light then pre heat oven to 100 F for 5 mts and switch off the oven and keep the batter for fermentation
  7. Once the batter is fermented it will double the quantity (Make sure you keep the batter in bigger container to avoid overflowing.)
  8. In a pan add few drops of oil once oil is hot add two small ladles of batter and drizzle few drops of oil around the edges and cover it with lid
  9. cook till the base is cooked and top is softy and spongy/airy with lot of holes. 
  10. Turn and cook on the other side for 1/2 mt 
  11. Serve with spicy chutney or sambar or both.


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