Veggie Kebabs

We had a birthday party combined with BBQ over the weekend. I made the veggie kebabs for BBQ. Here is the recipe for the same.


1 cup of yogurt
1tbsp of olive oil
3tbsp of chat masala
2tbsp of garam masala( You can use tandoori masal for color. I haven't used )
5 tbsp red chili powder (you can adjust as per your spice. Spice lovers should add more spice. Marination reduces the spice)
salt to taste
Mint/Pudina and cilantro leaves paste (I used 10 -15 mint leaves)
1tbsp lemon juice


1 lb Paneer
2 bell peppers
1 Zucchini
1 Onions
1 Egg plant


Mix all the marination ingredients.
Cut the vegetables in cubes(big pieces. If you cut too thin then vegetables will break while threading to skewers).
Put all the vegetables in the marination mixture and mix it well.
Cover and keep it in fridge overnight.
Thread the vegetables in the order of which you like to wooden skewers(You can use metal skewers too) and grill them.


Note: Wet the wooden skewers before threading. This helps skewers not to burn .

I used the charcoal grill .

Season with salt and pepper powder. I had these kebabs with Chili sauce.

Dear Amrutha of Chef ne Me, Priti of Indian Khana, Notyet100 of Asankhana passed me Yum Yum blog award. Thanks girls. I am really speechless.

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  1. Thanks for those yummy kababs yday!

  2. Delicious Kababs. Makes me wanna BBQ right now!:))
    I will be on blog break until Sept, see you then.Keep blogging!:)

  3. Thanks Asha for the lovely comments. Enjoy the break.

    I am glad that you liked it Amrutha.

  4. healthy kebabs. beautiful entry.

  5. Umm yummy are tempting me again :-)

  6. nice veggie kebabs....wud be using this as a base for my bbq session...congrats for your awards....thanks for thinking about me

  7. Yummy kababs..Looks fantastic..I have a post in my draft,chicken kabab though...

  8. Great looking kebabs ... thanks for sharing ... the veggie version of any recipe is a big help to me always. :-)

  9. thanks a lot for the award and meme I will do that tomorrow kebabs looks soooo yummy thank you so much sailaja

  10. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the lovely comments.


    You girls are well deserved for the award. Enjoy.


  11. it looks awwwesome, sailaja!! i had made some tikkas but since i didnt have paneer, i used tofu...we didnt like the taste at all!! :-) paneer rules!! ;-)

  12. Sailaja kabab's look great !!

  13. Thanks JZ, yeah paneer taste is different.

    Thanks. How are you doing?

  14. the kebabs look so good sailaja! Yummy. Congrats on the award.

  15. wow, this is perfect for a picnic. Take the veggies and grill them on those charcoal grills in the parks here. Thanks :)

  16. healthy and delicious....luved ur blog soo much

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  19. yummy kebabs .. very very mouth watering .. looks perfect

  20. Yummy and delicious kebabs.looks inviting and perfect....

  21. wow kebabs looks mouth-drooling, wanna eat right now ;-), awesome entry!!!

    Congratulations for ur award :))

  22. Sailaja-

    veggie kebabs look awesome, better than in any restaurant.

  23. Veggie Kebabs are always a hit. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  24. Lovely kebabs...just love them! Kebabs are my all time favorites!

  25. Veggie kebabd are such a delight!

  26. Congrats and congrats to all the winners!:-)

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  29. Hi KI,

    Thanks for the offer. Right now I am in India for vacation. Will participate once I come back from vacation.

  30. Thanks Rekha, Will post it once I come back from Vacation

  31. hey sailaja,

    theres some luck for u on my blog!!

  32. Those kebabs look fantastic! Great photos as well

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  33. Wow lookks gr8 and yummy. First time here. You have a nice and yum blog. Congrats for the award dear.