Masala Vada

Hi Everyone,

Long weekend is just few days from now. Planning for any get together? Thinking about snack item? Need a simple and easy snack/appetizer to impress guests and friends......?

Here you go crispy,spicy masal vada. These vadas are very famous in Andhra.


1 cup of Chana Dal (Split Bengal Gram)
1 tbsp rice (Small amount of this rice helps to make the outer layer crispy).
1 onion chopped (don't chop too thin/small)
7-8 Green chilies (Adjust as per your spice)
1/2 inch Ginger
1tbsp cumin seeds
3 garlic flakes (chopped finely)
salt to taste
Dil greens (optional ) . You can substitute this with Coriander leaves.
3 Garlic flakes

Oil to deep fry


1. Soak dal/lentils and rice for 3-4 hours. Keep 1tbsp of soaked lentils aside. In a blender grind remaining soaked lentils,rice ,green chilies, cumin seeds,Ginger, and Salt into coarse paste(don't make it too smooth).

2. Mix chopped onions, chopped garlic, chopped greens(dil or coriander) , spice lovers can add chopped chilies and soaked lentils (which we kept aside) with coarse paste.

3. Take 1 tbsp of mixture make a small lemon sized ball and pat it with fingers. Deep fry these in oil on medium heat. Once they turn golden color remove it from the oil.

Picture of making the vadas:

4. These can be served as it is or with green chutney(coriander chutney) or peanut chutney. I like to eat just like that.

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Sashree from Warm Welcome to all the Foodies
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  1. Ah! Just looks soo mouth watering...

  2. Perfect snack for an evening time! You are making me hungry now :) and congrats on your awards!

  3. congrats on ur awards!! and thank you soooo much for passing them on to me..!!

  4. Hey Amrutha,

    Next time will make it for u.


    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes perfect snack with tea or coffee.

    Thanks JZ. You are well deserved for all those awards.

  5. They are popular all over South India, who can resist these crunchy munchies! Looks wonderful, I make them but adding rice is new, will try next time!:))

  6. Looks and tastes great :-)

  7. Asha,

    Thanks for the comments. I am not sure about other parts of South India so I mentioned as Andhra. Thanks for letting me know that they are popular all over South India. Let me know how it came out after adding the rice.

    Thanks Anila.

  8. Hey lovely vada. i like to eat when vada hot.

  9. A perfect snack for a rainy day/eve!Haven't made those in a long time.. :-)
    And thanks for taking the trouble to find out the name of Gongura for me ... am on the lookout for pitwa saag now ... :-)
    And thank you so much for the awards ... you are being so generous to me :-)
    A bear hug to you too !!

  10. Oops ... bad manners .. Congrats on your awards !! :-)

  11. Thank U, Sailaja! It is a great start to my day:). Those vadais are yummy! I like them with a little bit of dill weed like you said! My Dad's fave.

  12. sailaja masala vada my favourite snack vadas looks very crunchy.With light pappucharu and rice with this vadas wow he he he

  13. Wow,your masala vadai looked yummy,its been so long since I had some.......

  14. the vadas look perfect, crispy and tasty! can u send some to me :-) (i can never get these things right!)

  15. one plate vadas with a cup of tea please.....they look all crisp and of the right color

    Enjoy your awards

  16. Sharmila,

    Thanks for the comments. You deserve these awards.

    Andhra Flavors,
    Yes I too like the vada when they are hot.
    I am glad that you liked the awards. You are well deserved.

    Yes Vada with pappucharu tastes yummy.

    Come home I will make it for u.

    thanks for the comments.


    Thanks for visiting my blog. When u come to bayarea visit me I will make nice crispy vadas with hot tea :)

  17. wooooow! masala vadas! yummy. congrats on the awards Sailaja.

  18. My first time here, Sailaja. These vadas are just perfect!! You have a very yummy blog. Congrats on the awards!! :)

  19. Uma,
    Thanks for the comments.


    Thanks Kalai for visiting my blog. I just visited your blog. You have a very nice blog.

  20. Congratulations on ur well deserve awards dear!!!

    Masala vada looks great, delicious, yummmyyy!!!

  21. Thanks Madhavi. You are the one who made me feel good by passing the award.

  22. Masala Vada looks yummy .. we call it ambode in kannada .. my all time fav :)

  23. I want to eat these hot with some firey pepper sauce :)

  24. Vegetable Platter,

    Thanks for your comments and information.

  25. Cynthia,

    Yep they will be very tasty with spicy sauce. :) I too like spicy :)

  26. there something for u onmy blog!! :-)

  27. Hi Sailaja gaaru,

    I made these fritters for Deepavali and my famaily simply loved them. So I made it again last weekend and again it was a big hit. I am writing to thank you for sharing this recipe and wish you all the very best going forward with this blog.

  28. Kamala,

    Glad to know that it came out very good.