Helpful Tip: How to de seed Pomegranate in less than a minute?

I love pomegranate, but removing kernels from pomegranate takes hell lot of time. That's why I always try to minimize buying pomegranate. 1 month back I found this easy trick on youtube to remove pomegranate kernels in just less than a minute. How cool is that? It is really a cool trick!! I immediately tried it and I loved it.

Here is the video for the same.


Cut pomegranate in half around its circumference
Take a large wide bowl
Take one side of the pomegranate holding seeds side down. Use a heavy kitchen spoon or spatula and pound the pomegranate all around until all the seeds removed into the bowl.
Repeat the same for other half of the pomegranate too.
Enjoy the healthy fruit !!


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