Rice Krispie Treats (My daughter's first cooking ..)

Today my daughter cooked her first cooking assignment Rice Krispie Treats without taking my help. I am so impressed the way she cooked and managed alone. The best part is that she kept the kitchen so clean after the cooking. Way to go Sumana. Best of all, these treats are so yummy.

Here are the pictures of the same


  1. good job Sumana, especially with keeping the kitchen clean part :)
    Happy New Year to both of you.

  2. Thanks Sridevi. Happy New Year to you too..

  3. Wow looks very nice... So you are teaching your wonderful skills to her now!!!

  4. @Ramya, Not really. She learned this recipe in school.

    @ Several tips, Thanks for your comment

  5. cooking with daugher is sweetest thing and nice recipe too
    this is first time for me in to your blog
    iam following ur blog
    plz do wisit my bog