Painted Pooja Mandir

Past few months, I was looking for a nice stand/table to make it like a pooja mandir. Finally found one nice table which fulfills my requirement. With my artistic skills drew and painted over the weekend. Took more than 6 hours over a period of 3 days to complete.

Here are the pics..


  1. Wow Sailaja amazing job. Can you please come and do that for my temple too.... seriously, beautiful !!!

  2. Wow Sailaja..THis is so creative. Ur really are very talented. Mandir looks awesome. I just stumbled upon ur blog when I was looking for a Dates ladoo recipe. Will try this soon maybe today..LOve ur blog..Will visit you often.

  3. @Priya, thanks for the comment. Sure anytime. Let me know where u live ;)

    @Dolly, Thanks for the lovely comments.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. hey sailu ,

    ur amazing !! don't have words to appreciate ur talents ...
    both Mandir & Cake r awesome !!

  5. @Harini, Thanks dear.. How are u?

  6. Hi
    Ur art workvis amazing which paint did u use and how u draw the design