My daughter's wood work

This year my kid choose 3 extra curricular activities during the school year. 1st trimester Art, 2nd trimester cooking, 3rd trimester wood workshop. I am so impressed with her projects. Even though she had so many accidents during the workshop she didn't quit. She is trying to finish all the items that are assigned. I am looking forward for her next item "Dinosaur wood puzzle".

All these wood work projects will start from scratch. Tasks include stencil the shape, cut the wood as per the stencil, sanding the wood, writing on the wood , and varnish the wood . Lot of work, but kids love these projects.

Today I am sharing my kid's 1st wood work project oven hook shaped Dolphin. Will share remaining projects once she finishes completely.


  1. My My quite complicated, as you said, looks cute :o)

  2. looks gr8 ... keep it up sumana
    guess another budding sailaja !!