Low fat Pala kova(Doodh peda)

After 1 week of vacation I am back to my routine work. Last week my daughter had braces appointment. Believe me these appointments are painful. To add to that she got springs in her mouth this time. She is having severe pain to eat anything hard. So prepared this soft and delicious peda for my kid.

Here is the recipe.

Source of the recipe : Web

2 cups of non fat milk powder(Sieve the milk powder. This will help to cook faster. I learned this step by not sieving it. next time I will definitely sieve milk powder and remove any lumps)
1 can fat free condensed milk
8oz/16 tbsp unsalted butter


Melt butter in microwave bowl. Mix milk powder and condensed milk with butter and cook in microwave for 5 to 6 mts ,mixing continuously after every minute till milk powder completely mixes(Time depends on the power of your microwave. mine took 6 mts). Cool the mixture to room temperature. Grease your hands and make any shape as you want. I made few with hand and remaining I rolled it like roti and cut using cookie cutter.

You can decorate these with any nuts or just leave as it is. Yummy and delicious Peda is ready to be served.


  1. wow, that looks simply mouth watering, superb !!!

  2. Sailaja, I will do this for friday puja. I have to talk to you last time i tried Microwave recipe it did not turn out that good. also where did you get the milk powder from ? will ping u on ym

  3. @Priya, thx.
    @Sridevi, I added the picture of ingredients. Let's chat on IM

  4. Very delicious looking peda.
    Hope your daughter feels better soon.

  5. Look at you , this is a nice trick sweet!
    thanks for the recipeee!

  6. Thanks Raki. how are u girl? not visible these days. Let's plan for get together if possible.

  7. Hi Sailaja, can you tell me how much butter to use in table spoons.

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