Lettuce Wraps with Tofu

I posted 3 recipes together in one post(Asian Food feast). To make it user friendly posting individually.



ginger 1/2 inch ginger
garlic cloves (4)
green chilies
Soy sauce
Iceberg Lettuce
Tofu (i used 1/4th packet)
roasted peanuts
spicy sauce


Lettuce wraps:

In a pan add oil. Once oil is hot add grated ginger, garlic, chopped green chilies and small cubed tofu. Add salt and saute for sometime till you see tofu turned into golden color. Add soy sauce(1tsp) and adjust spices. Remove from heat and garish with roasted peanuts and serve with lettuce and hot sauce.

Believe me you cannot stop with one wrap.



  1. Delicious recipes,looks so tempting and wonderful clicks too...

  2. I made this. came out awesome. i had made tofu dish and it some tofu was leftover. did some changes according to my taste and made this for lunch. hubby liked it. will be posting it soon on my blog. will link ur post. Thanks a lot. yummy recipe

  3. Thanks Hemalata, @Shruthi, Thanks for the comments. I am glad to know that you loved the recipe.