Cracked Wheat Upma


Finally got some sleep over this weekend. Was sleep deprived last couple of weeks with hectic schedule. Today's recipe is my usual weekend b'fast (especially on busy weekends). Just in 10 mts nutritional b'fast will be ready.


1 cup of cracked wheat (Medium coarse)
1/2 medium sized onion finely chopped
4 or 5 green chilies slit length wise (Increase or decrease as per your spice level)
1 medium sized potato or carrot cut into small cubes (Optional)
2 medium sized tomatoes chopped finely (optional)
1/4tsp grated ginger
1tsp mustard seeds
1tsp chana dal
1tsp cashews(optional)
few curry leaves
1tbsp oil
Salt as per taste
Lemon juice(Optional.)


In a wok/pan add oil, once oil is hot add tampering items( Mustard seeds, chana dal, Cashews. ) Once mustard seeds start spluttering add curry leaves, green chilies, grated ginger. Once curry leaves start spluttering add chopped onions, once onions turn translucent add chopped veggies(including tomatoes). Shallow fry the veggies for few mts. Add cracked wheat and fry for few mts till wheat is evenly roasted and nice aroma spreads the kitchen. Add salt and water(1:2 ratio) adjust spices. Cover with lid and cook on medium heat till wheat is cooked.

Yummy healthy b'fast is ready to be served. Sprinkle lemon juice and serve with ketchup.



  1. I too make this..easy and healthy.

  2. looks yummy n perfectly done..healthy 2..nice.

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  4. Delicious upma n nice presentation.

  5. Hello Sailaja, I think it is my first visit to your blog, but definitely will not be the last one :) You have an amazing collection of unique recipes and I can spend a whole day browsing every single of them. I have bookmarked few recipes which I think my lil one will love. Thank you for leaving a trail in my blog and leading me to yours :)

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments.

  7. Very tempting.. this is going to be my dinner tonight..

  8. simple,healthy and delicious...nice recipe..

  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments