Pani Puri

The word Pani Puri makes me drool. I can't even express in words how much my daughter loves Pani Puri. She will just eat all day If I allow her. Crispy puris filled with tangy, spicy mixture dipped in spicy water is just mouth watering.
Whatever I say is less when it comes to describing the taste of pani puri. One have to experience that.

I can never forget my days in mumbai when it comes pani puri. There are times when I traveled 10kms just to eat pani Puri. (That place is none other than Bandra in mumbai).

Due to my hectic schedule unable to complete the recipe in detail. Details later..

For now just the pic..



  1. Beautiful pics! Love the color combo

  2. Wow Love Pani Puri..The thing about Pani puri is that the mere mention or an awesome click as this is enough for one to crave for it right away..

  3. Pani puri looks so yummy n mouthwatering presentation.

  4. 1st time here.. I love your photography! This is such an innovatove & beautiful way of showing Pani Puri!!!! Loved it. :)
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