Kalakand from scratch and a Big Thank you

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving today. Days are going faster than I think. Most of us wait for this time of the year to celebrate festivals and spend time with family and friends. On the occasion of Thanksgiving  I would like to thank god, family, friends and everyone who inspired me and supported me.

Thanking all my readers with a simple and delicious sweet "Kalakand"

Here is the recipe for the same.




8 cups of milk
2 tsp lemon juice
1 cup sugar


Boil 4 cups of milk over a medium heat in a thick bottom vessel stirring in between.  Once milk starts boiling add lemon juice. Milk starts to cuddle at this time. Turn off the heat and strain the milk using cheese cloth.  Keep the milk paste (Nothing but paneer) aside.

_DSC0916_DSC0907Boil remaining milk in a clean thick bottomed vessel stirring occasionally. Once milk starts boiling reduce the heat to low and cook the milk till it thickens and becomes half the quantity.(This is called khoya)  Once milk thickens add paneer and sugar and continue to cook over low heat stirring till it becomes into  a soft lump (like bread dough).  Turn off the heat and transfer to a greased plate or bowl. Cool it completely and cut into cubes or any other shape.

Garnish with silvered almonds or pistachios. (I skipped garnishing to make it nut free). Yummy kalakand ready to be served.



  1. Happy thankgiving wishes Sailaja..

    Kalakand from scratch, its been a long i made them, dunno i got hooked to the short cut methods now,i know nothing will beat the taste of this kalakand.

  2. from scratch definitely must have tasted good..really like the crumbly texture of this dessert

  3. this is sooo good! Love the step by step pictures.. didn't think kalakand would be so easy!