Broccoli Paratha

Once in a while I get in the mood of cleaning my pantry and refrigerator. As a part of that activity I start cooking different items with whatever available ingredients at home. This week is one of those weeks. Last night when I looked at my refrigerator I found half a bag of broccoli florets and decided to make something with broccoli.  Outcome of that thought is today's recipe broccoli flatbread.

Very easy to make yet healthy!




1 cup of wheat flour
1tsp garam masala/all spice powder
2tsp red chili powder(Adjust as per your spice level)
1tsp dry mango powder
pinch of turmeric powder
salt as per taste
20 broccoli florets


In a sauce pan add water, pinch of salt and broccoli florets and cook till broccolis are fully cooked. Once broccolis are cooked remove from heat and let it cool. Once broccolis are cooled mash broccoli using hand or pestle or masher and keep it aside.  Keep any left over water of cooked broccoli.

In a bowl add flour, spices(masala, red chili, turmeric, salt) and mix well. Add mashed broccoli mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well. Add left over water if needed to form a soft dough consistency and keep it aside. Rest the dough for 10 mts.

Take the dough and divide into small balls. Roll the dough into small round shaped dusting with flour and gently roll into flat bread approximately 5" to 6" diameter.

On a hot griddle or pan place paratha on it. Cook both sides till it turns golden color drizzling little bit of oil or ghee.

Yummy Parathas are ready to be served with any curry or pickle or raita/yogurt.

Ideas for lunch box-- Stuff these cooked parathas with any dry vegetable/ salad and pack like burrito.



  1. Excellent !!! I love to make these in the evening. Thanks for the share.