High heel Shoe themed Ombre cake

One more custom design cake for a milestone birthday. This cake is for my co-sister's best friend birthday. First time ever my cake traveled coast to coast. I am glad to find that cake reached safely without even one scratch. I should pat on my back for packing so carefully and thanks to my friend cum co-sister who took care in the flight.

Since the birthday girl loves high heel shoes made a high heel shoe. Shoe made with gum paste on last friday night. It took 4 hours 20 mts to complete the shoe.

Initially I planned to decorate the cake with fondant frills considering long flight journey. But my luck was so bad and fondant just gave up on me. Even after 4 hours of trials still fondant did not work and kept breaking the moment I kept on the cake.  I was almost in tears just having 5 hours of time left before the flight and finally decided to go with butter cream and made frills with butter cream.

Here is the final product.

Some times I really think is it worth to spend this much time on cakes. But looking at the final product and a smile on birthday person's face makes me feel good.  Let's see how long I continue making cakes.