Stir Fry with Qunioa

Hi Everyone

After a long time updaing my blog with a new recipe.
Today I have decided to do something different and healthy for dinner. Finally ended up making Stir Fry with Quinoa.

Here is the recipe for the same.


1 cup of Quinoa
Super Firm Tofu (250gms)
1 bell pepper
1 carrot
half onion
2 table spoons of Teriyaki Sauce
1 table spoon of Chili Sauce (As per your spice)
1 green chili (Optional. I like spicy food so added green chily)
1tsp ginger paste or grated ginger
1 tbsp oil


1. Cut vegetables into thin slices.
2. Cut tofu into small cubes.
3. Simply treat quinoa like rice. Add two parts of water to one part of quinoa, stir, cover and cook. (Either in rice cooker or Microwave). It took me 8 mts to cook quinoa in microwave.

4. In a pan add 1 table spoon of oil. Once the oil is hot add ginger paste, vegetables and saute for 5 mts. Now add tofu and stir for 5 more mts, then add Teriyaki sauce and chili sauce. Keep stirring for 6 more mts (Don't cook the vegetables till they are well done. Stir Fry tastes good if the vegetables are little crunchy). Now add quinoa and toss it.

Quinoa stir fry is ready to be served .


  1. very creative indeed. will def try! Welcome bck to the world of food blooging!

  2. Sure looks very delicious and yummy!!! a must try dish!!!

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments