Jasmines in my patio

Jasmine is the favorite flower for any Indian women. As a growing kid , we always used to wait for summer to keep Jasmines in the plait(jada for telugu people) (Jasmine poola Jada). After coming to this country one thing every one misses is flower plants like Kanakabanram, Jasmine, Virajaji, Sanna Jaji.
I planted this Jasmine plant 2 years back. Every year it used to give just 5 or 6 jasmines for the whole summer. But surprisingly this year our Jasmine plant gave more Jasmines than last year. Here are the pictures of the same.

Below picture was taken by my daughter Sumana :


  1. OMG! you had jasmine in your back yard and I did not know all this time! this is amazing!! :oD beautiful work...you are unbelieveable! :o)

  2. Hey Raki,

    Back to San jose? How was the LA trip? Yes I have 2 jasmine plants. This year I got nicely more than 20 flowers :)

    whole Patio is smelling awesome with Jasmines in the night.


  3. cool, lovely pics,especially the one by Sumana :-)