Besan Laddu

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali celebrations. We had a blast on Diwali with lots of food and crackers. We had a potluck party with all our friends. As a part of potluck I made Dahi Vada, Mendhu Vada with Onion and Besan Laddu.
Today I would like to share Besan Laddu recipe. This is very simple and delicious sweet which no one can resist.

Potluck dishes:


2 cups of Ladu besan/Gram flour(This is little coarse than besan. You can get it in any Indian store).
2 cups of powdered sugar
1/2 cup of Ghee. (You can add more as per your taste)
1/2tsp cardamom powder
Pistachios (Crush them into coarse mixture)


Heat Ghee in a pan once ghee is hot (almost reaching boiling point)add besan and roast it on low heat stirring continuously till it looses the raw flavor.(hint: Besan will change the color to golden color once the rawness goes.) . Now add powdered sugar, cardamom powder and mix well. Keep mixing on low flame for 2 more mts and keep it aside.

Once the mixture becomes warm make small round shaped laddus. (If you are unable to make laddus you can add ghee even at this stage. ) You can decorate the laddus dipping one edge into pistachios powder.

Delicious yummy besan laddu is ready to be served. I can guarantee that all your guests will ask which shop did you buy these sweets.

Would like to send this sweet dish to "Sweet Series Event" hosted by Sireesha


  1. The sweets look wonderful and you had the patience to do soooo many! amazing :o)
    MEdhu vada looks so perfect, you have to put up a blog entry of that. so fluffy and perfect with a hole in the center....super yummy and mouth watering, and they have onions too :oD

  2. Thanks Raki for your detail comment. I will post medhu vada recipe soon.

  3. i tried to make ladoo.but i don't know why they were too wet.may be i've added alot of ghee.but i followed your recipe.can you tell methat its just because of ghee or some thing else could be..

  4. Sadia,
    if sugar or ghee is more then it will be wet. Let me know next time how it turned out.

    Note : If you see the mixture is wet add little bit besan and fry for few more mts till you can make laddu.


  5. Hii Sailaja

    Recently I got a chance to visit your blog and try your kalakand recipe .. it came very well .. just thinking of trying your besan ladu, but could not find the ladu besan flour that you mentioned, can i try with the normal besan flour .. plz suggest me regarding that..

  6. Hi Rajani

    Thanks for trying the recipe and posting the comment. You can try using regular besan flour adjust sugar and all based on the flour. Let me know how it turned out.

    Just to be on safer side try with little quantity and see if you like it or not

  7. Hello Sailaja, thanks for sharing the ingredients. I would like to use sugar-free instead of sugar as some of my family members detest having sweets.

    Best Regards,
    Indian Sweet Shop