Plantain/Aratikaya Bajji

Right now in bay area it is pouring cats and dogsssssssssss..... In this kind of weather I can just imagine only hot hot mirchi bajji/aratikaya bajji/pakodi.. These are my favorite dishes for this season.

Started making these yummy delicious aratikaya bajji to enjoy first rain of the season..

Come and have these yummy bajjis...


1 plantain
1cup of besan(Bengal Gram flour/garbanzo flour)
1tbsp of chili powder(Spice as per your taste)
pinch of baking soda
salt as per your taste
oil to deep fry


Mix flour,salt, chili powder ,baking soda and make it medium thick consistency batter using water.


Cut plantains into round shaped like chips and put it in water(This helps plantains from decolorization). In a frying pan heat the oil . Once the oil is hot, dip the plantain into batter and place it in the oil. (Make sure you are familiar, how to handle the hot oil). Turn on both sides. Once they turn golden color remove them from oil strain the oil.

Tasty crispy delicious bajjis are ready to be served with ketchup or just sprinkle chat masala.

You can have these bujjis filled with onion mixture like Vizag beach style. (In vizag beaches these bajjis are famous. Especially Ramakrishna beach. I really miss vizag) Slit the bajji in the middle and fill with onion mixture..

Onion Mixture filling(Optional):

1 onion finely chopped
1tsp of lemon juice
chili powder

Mix chopped onions ,salt, chili powder and lemon juice


  1. Can you send me 3 plates please? Looks real yummy especially with the onion mixture filling.

  2. Thanks Amrutha..
    Next time I will bring it for u..

  3. wooooooooow these are my fav. mouth-watering yummmmm.