DIY- Fruit Bouquet -Edible Arrangements

2 months back my friend Mary-Tu Nguyen got a fruit bouquet for our team lunch in our office. I was amazed looking at the way fruits were arranged in a potluck. Since then I was planning to make this bouquet, finally got a chance to do the same for a get together dinner yesterday.  Thank you Mary for guidance and tips to make this beautiful bouquet. My friends loved it.


Use water melon or cantaloupe as a base. While purchasing the melon check for flat base melons, if you cannot find a flat based just slight cut the skin to get a flat base.
Another option for base is to use foam block and decorate with nice color paper. 

Cut 1/4 of the melon and scoop flesh using melon ballers. Remove any juices into a glass and put back the flesh into the base and refrigerate.
Prepare all fruit skewers ahead and keep it in fridge. Use any cookie cutter to cut the fruits/vegetables.

I made radish roses. (followed steps from internet.) You can dip strawberries in chocolate to make it more rich and give a nice color contrast.

Just before your party starts remove the base, fruit skewers. Just be creative and arrange the skewers on the base.

Here are the pics of the bouquet


  1. Beautiful basket,loving those edible bouquet.

  2. looks so yummy and beautiful. I went through your blog quite innovative and looking at you I think I have lot to learn..