Nail Art- New weekend hobby

Past 2 weekends I started this new hobby of nail art. 10mts of free time on Sunday gives these gorgeous nails. When you have some time try these nail arts. Very simple to design.

Step 1: Place a piece of scotch tape diagonally on each nail and press firmly. 
Step 2: Base coat all nails
Step 3- Take any color nail polish and paint.
Step 4- Wait till nail polish dries and remove the tape. You get nice diagonal tipped nails
Step 5: Put a blob of white polish on a piece of paper and use dotting tool and put dots on the colored nail polish.
Step 6- add a silver glitter stripe using nail art brush. 
Step 7- finish with top coat. 

Finished product will be like the picture below.

Here are the tools which I used


  1. The initial line-up boasts 22 shades with 9 of them developed in collaboration with brand ambassador Kate Moss (shades denoted by her signature). nail wraps