Happy Sankranthi ! Bobbatlu/Puran Poli

Wish you all a very Happy Pongal! Pongal is usually celebrated for one of the harvest seasons in India. Pongal means first thing to comes to my mind is lots of food. This is one of the longest festival usually celebrated 4 days. First day Bhogi, Second day Makara Sankranthi (Sun enters into Makara Rashi), third day Kanumu and 4th day Mukkanumu. Bhogi day usually all of us used to gather and do camp fire before sun rise. (this tradition called Bhogi mantalu). After the sun rise all the kids in the house get ready with new clothes and have a blast. In the evening "Bhogi pallu (mixture of gooseberries, coins and akshatas)" ceremony will be performed if the kid is 5 years of younger. Bhogi pallu mixture is showered on the heads of the children to protect them from the evil forces. Sankranthi day evening perantam for pasupu and kumkum distribution. Kanumu day we usually use to eat anything with urad dal (Usually Medhu Vada).  This day we used to end the Rangoli days(which started almost a month back) with a Radham Rangoli.  Along with all these rituals every single day used to be filled with lots of food, snacks and playing cards. I miss all those days.

Living in USA I cannot experience all those activities/rituals but I still try to compensate with good food.  Today as a part of pongal celebrations I prepared Pulihora, Bobbatlu, Mango dal and Rice.

Gangireddu Picture which I took in July 2012 when I visited India.

Here is the recipe of the bobbatlu:






  1. One of my weakness is puran poli,you have done prefectly,love to have some.

    Happy sankranthi wishes.