About me

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my mom's and my recipes to my princess and the world. My mom is a great cook. She can cook anything u name it. I have no idea what is the magic in her hand. All her recipes turn out to be mouth watering. I admire her passion for her cooking and salute her for her patience and teaching me all these good recipes.

Here I am trying to share all those good recipes to the world with my limited knowledge in blogging and photography.

I appreciate all your comments and feedback. I will try to reply to all the messages as soon as I can.

Personal Interests:

I love music, dance, drawing, painting and tennis. I also have photography blog (Trying to learn from my dad who is a good photograher)

Prize winning rangoli by me (2007 Diwali celebrations at my office)
Prize winning Rangoli by me

Polymer clay Roses made by me

Polymer clay Roses  made by me


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  2. Hi Sailaja,

    Your recipes are great. So are these polymer clay roses. Can you please share how to make these roses?

  3. Hi Priya

    I used a beginners book about how to make polymer mini creatures to do these polymer clay roses. Book I borrowed from library