Piñata for my daughter's b'day

After a crazy week at work I finally started working on my daughter’s b’day preparations. Coming Saturday is my cute girl birth day. I have decided to do everything home made for her b’day party to make it personalized. As a part of that decision I made a small Piñata over the weekend. Thought to share this cute Piñata with you all.

Here is the cute Piñata for my sweet Princess Sumana.

Little bit information about piñata : (Source is Wikipedia.org)

The piñata is a brightly-colored paper container filled with sweets and/or toys. It is generally suspended on a rope from a tree branch or ceiling and is used during celebrations. A succession of blindfolded, stick-wielding children try to break the piñata in order to collect the sweets (traditionally sugarcane) and/or toys inside of it. It has been used for hundreds of years to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

In India we use the same type of Pinata for Krishnashtami/Krishna Jayanti celebrations. Instead of paper we use clay pots (matki) filled with liquids.

Pictures of making of Piñata:

All my friends requested me to put the instructions to make this Piñata. Finally here you go the step by step instructions.


1. Balloon

2. News Paper (cut into strips)

3. Glue,water, all purpose flour for glue mixture

4. Color papers for decorating

5. Candies for filling.


1. To begin first cut the newspaper into strips.
2. Take a bowl add the 4tbsp of glue, all purpose flour and water and make it like a liquid paste.
3. Take a strip of newspaper and dip it in a glue mixture. Use your fingers to remove excess glue from the strip and spread it onto your balloon. Repeat the process until your balloon is covered with several layers of newspaper. Smooth out each piece as you place it on. Make sure you put a table covering down before you begin. (make sure not to cover the top of the balloon. This will be used to put candies and to hang the Piñata).
4. With the same pattern make at least 4 layers of paper strips. More the layers the stronger the piñata.
5. Set it aside to dry over night.
6. Once the balloon is dried u can pop the balloon using any sharp item(push pin) and remove the balloon from the top.

Time to decorate:

1. Decoration you can either color it with paints or stick the color papers using different styles. Use your own creativity for decorating.

I used both paint and color papers. Bottom part I painted designs and my daughter name. Top part decorated with color paper strips.

I hope you all enjoy this Pinata making.


  1. That is a cute Pinata Sailaja...and its a brilliant idea to make everything for your daughter's birthday at home, even with your busy schedule.. :o)

  2. i searched how u made that. i just got photos only....i am pretty sure you will put home made chocolates in that pintana

    happy birthday to your little princess

  3. wow,thats an amazing idea to ur daughter...convey my b'day wishes to ur daughter

  4. Thanks everyone for your wishes. My daughter also mentioned thanks to all.

  5. Sailaja, naku next time Piniata kavali ante evarni adalgo telisindi. B'day wishes to Sumana.

  6. Hi Sailaja,There some award waiting for u at my blog,check that out

  7. Wow, you made piniata yourself? Kudos, sailaja! YOur daughter is so lucky. Happy b'day wishes to her (belated?).

  8. Thanks Sashree for listing me for the award.

    Thanks Uma and Sreelu.
    My kid and her friends had a blast with the pinata.

  9. thanks for posting the instructions, sailaja! Those are really helpful to me.

  10. wow u made it urself... too good belated wishes to her...