Masoor Dal Kichidi (Rice with lentils)

After a hectic week at work, didn't feel like cooking any special items over the weekend. Thought of making something which is simple, spicy and healthy food. The moment I thought about spicy and easy item the first thing which came to my mind was Kichidi.

Here you go spicy Kichidi. The recipe time is 15 mts.


1 cup of Rice
11/2 cup of Masoor Dal (Red lentils)
1 small onion finely chopped
1 tomato finely chopped
3 green chilies
1/2tsp of cumin seeds
1tbsp of masala powder
1tbsp of cumin powder
1tbsp of coriander powder
2 whole cloves
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 red chilies
1/2tsp of turmeric powder
1/2 inch Cinnamon stick

Salt to taste
1tbsp of oil
curry leaves


Heat a pan , add oil, cumin seeds, cloves, red chilies, cinnamon, curry leaves. Once cumin seeds turns little golden color add ginger garlic paste, masala powder,coriander powder, cumin powder, green chilies, chopped onions, turmeric powder. Once the onions turn golden color add chopped tomatoes.

Once tomatoes and onions are cooked add dal/lentils, Rice and Salt. Toss them for 5mts and add water( 1cup of rice 2 cups of water, 1cup of dal/lentils 2 cups of water) and pressure cook it for 3 whistles.(You can always cook it in rice cooker).
Once the cooker is cooled garnish with fresh coriander.

The spicy, healthy, easy kichidi is ready to be served with raita.

Here is another award from dear Sashree. Thanks Sashree for thinking about me!

This beautiful inspirational award is started by dear Jamie of Flavour Pantry.

"This is given to bloggers whose stories and recipes inspire us. Whether it’s to eat healthier, dive back into our past to conjure up something we ate as children, or just make the light bulbs in our brains go on with a new idea for a recipe. "

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1. I got the inspiration of cooking and be active from my mom. I still don't understand how my mom can cook for so many people in short time. She is a great cook.

2. When it comes to art all the credit goes to my dad. He is my role model. I am very much inspired by his art.

3. I get inspiration from people who are very active and do things quickly like my mom and dad.

4. When it comes blogging world, I should say thanks to my friend Raki who inspired me to start the food blog. Thanks Raki.

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  1. Lovely Khichdi recipe, looks great, nice pic as well.

    Congratulations for ur well deserve award :)) Thank You so much dear to passing this awards to me, m so happy, thanxxx once again :))

  2. Ultimate comfort food Sailaja, looks yummy!
    Enjoy your awards, and thanks for giving it to me too. Hugs!:))

  3. This is an awesome recipe Sailaja. I am definitely going to try this at the earliest :o).

    I am honoured to know that you considered my words inspirational enough to start the really have a lot in store, in that kitchen of yours.. I am waiting to see all of it :o)

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  5. Thanks Madhavi for your comments. You deserve these awards.

    Thanks Asha. Your blog is awesome and u r well deserved for these awards.

    Thanks Raki. Yes you are the one who made me start the blog. Thanks a ton.

  6. Sailaja too much chestunavu awards tho, enjoy them.Okka mail pampinchanu let me know if you are intrested

  7. Sailaja, I have linked your blog and the award here, check it out when you have time!:))

  8. kichidi looks delicious, sailaja! congrats on all the awards.

  9. Thanks Sreelu. I replied to your email.

    Thanks Asha for your comments. I just loved the Choled bhutura.

    Thanks Uma.

  10. first of all congrats for your award sailaja u deserve it and thank u sooooo muchhhhh for choosing me ,I am honoured

  11. Nice khichidi recipe sailaja...
    I dunno if i have visited ur blog earlier....but have a great blog...:)

    and congrats on all ur awards...:D

  12. Thanks Sagari. Your blog is awesome with nice pictures.

    Thanks Shubha for your nice comments. You have a great blog too.

  13. healthy recipe. congrates on ur well deserved awards.

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  15. looks very good.....will try it .plz visit my website
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