Celebrating awards with Watermelon Juice.

I was so thrilled to receive 2 awards from Sashree. Thanks a lot Sashree.
I celebrated these awards with a refreshing juice on a hot day.

Watermelon Juice:


Watermelon (Cut in cubes)
Ice cubes,
1 tbsp sugar(Optional. I like to have my juice little sweet so I add little bit sugar)
1tsp of chat masala.


Very simple to prepare this juice. Blend all the ingredients in a juicer/mixer and it is ready to be served.

In a hot summer who will say no to watermelon juice. So try this simple and healthy juice.

My Awards from Sashree:

My fellow blogger and friend Sashree passed 2 awards to me. Thanks a lot Sashree. I am really flattered.

"Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

I pass this award to few more friends.

Sreelu from Sreelu's Tasty Travels
Priyanka from Asankhana
Swati from Chatkhor
Lintang Dewani from Cook Uncook

Here comes the funny one and my favorite. Everyone in my family still calls me as "Yakshni". Yakshni means who asks more(yaksha) questions . In school days my teacher and my friends use to call me as "Vasapitta".
[In Andhra , nick name for people who talk more is"Vasapitta". Vasa is a herb which fed to babies/kids. It is a belief that this herb makes kids talk. My mom says if dose of vasa is more then people talk more. :) Pitta means bird :D . ]
I never felt bad if any one calling me as vagudukaya/vasapitta. I always feel proud that I have the ability to talk nonstop.....

Thanks a lot Sashree for passing this award. I really enjoyed this award.

I pass "Good chat Blog Award" to the following fellow bloggers. I am not sure if they talk more or not. I hope they will enjoy this award .

Priyanka from Asankhana
Amrutha from Chefnme
Lintang Dewani from Cook Uncook

Now let's talk about something interesting. Sashree tagged me to write about 10 things I hate. First I thought it is easy to identify what I hate, but I was wrong. It is much more difficult than I thought. After a long thought process finally came up with these 1o items which I hate.

Thanks for the tag, Sashree! This is really a nice activity. But very difficult though.

1. I hate to watch scary/ghost movies .
2. I hate watching movies that are full of violence.
3. I hate any rides. I am scared too.
4. I hate cigarette smoking.
5. I hate if the kids talk like adults.
6. I hate selfish people.
7. I hate people who make fun of others.
8. I hate watching drama serials/shows. I hate over action of actors/actresses.
9. I hate cockroaches.
10. I hate scary stunt shows.

I further tag. [This is real fun activity to identify what we hate. If you have already done this activity ignore it.]

Priyanka from Asankhana

Amrutha from Chefnme
Sreelu from Sreelu's Tasty Travels
Lintang Dewani from Cook Uncook


  1. congrats on ur awards...even i enjoys if somebofy calls me chatterbox,vasapitta.
    watermelon juice is so inviting,
    its fun reading ur tag...

  2. Thanks Sashree. It is you who made me feel good by passing these awards. Once again thanks

  3. thanks sailaja,,,for the awards,..nd congrats tou too,..nice tag,,,nd ya water melon juice looks yummy...

  4. congrates on awards and refreshing water melon juice.

  5. Yummy juice, I love the color! Enjoy the awards and the weekend too!:))

  6. Thanks Asha.

    Andhra flavors: First time I saw one blog completely in Telugu. Too good.

    Thanks Lintang. U deserve the awards. I am really impressed with your photos.

  7. hi sailu,im from Hyderabad..yeah even i feel the same dear.
    u know something next week we r planning for vizag n araku trip.i lov vizag n a frequent visitor there..so many rel.hehehe

  8. Love the glass of fresh juice, Congrats on your award.

  9. Oh That is so nice. Vizag is the best place in the world :)
    Enjoy your stay in Vizag.

    Thanks Cham

  10. Hi dear vasapitta sorry yakshni oh sorry sailaja, he, he, he, congrats on your well deserved awards. Refreshing water melon juice! Love the picture too. Time for celebration.

  11. Water Melon juice looks very nice!

    Messaged using:www.enlyte.com

  12. Hi, First time here. Very nice blog and lovely recipes :)) Thanxxx for this watermelon juice, very refreshing, yummm!!!


  13. Thanks Uma. You made me laugh with your lovely comments.

    Thanks Kiran.

    Thanks Madhavi. First time to your site too. Very nice collection of recipes you have. Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting your comments.

  14. oh thank you so much for 2 awards and a tag from you.. I'm really flattered. It's great if your hobby and passions can inspire others.

  15. Hey sailu...naku malli thanks cheppali,'coz one more award waiting for you at my blog...enti only thanx aaa..inka em leda..??LOL

  16. Hey sailu,
    Congrats on ur awards. U deserve them.U have a nice and lovely blog.Watermelon juice is inviting....Can I have a sip.

  17. Thanks Lintang. You deserve the award. I love your blog with such a wonderful pictures.

    Thanks Sashree for passing nice awards.

    Thanks Sireesha for your wonderful comments. Yes you are most welcome to have the juice.:)

  18. prefect drink for summers ,yummmmmmmmmmm

  19. Hi Sailaja, I have something for you on my blog. Check it out here:


    Hope you like it dear!

  20. Thanks for the Award Uma. I loved it. Will post it soon.

  21. thanks a ton for the award buddy.. and i love them all.. iam sorry for not blog hopping for a while but will catch up next week