Pesarattu/ Moong Dal Dosa

Today I would like to talk about the famous breakfast recipe of Andhra Pradesh,India. Pesarattu (Moong Dal dosa) is Andhra delicacy. Thin, crispy, golden brown, sprinkled with chopped onions served with coconut/ginger chutney is mouth watering. It is not only tasty but very nutritious since it is prepared with highly nutritious moong dal.

Nutrition values of Moong can be found here


1 cup of Moong dal and 2 table spoons of rice( Rice will help to make it crispy)- (soak for 4 hrs)
1 medium sized piece of ginger
10 green chilies(As per your taste. I like to eat spicy)
1tbsp of coriander seeds
Salt to taste
Chopped onions
Chopped coriander leaves(optional)


Grind soaked moong dal, ginger,green chilies and salt. Make it like a dosa consistent batter. (Don't make it too thin like regular dosa batter.) Add coriander seeds to the batter and mix.

Heat a pan(cast iron or non stick), add 1 tsp of oil, spread it with top part of onion(You can use other vegetable tops like brinjal or bottle gourd). This is to season the pan so that the pesarattu comes off easily without sticking to the pan. The pan must be hot for dosa to come out in good shape. You can check the hotness of pan by sprinkling water on the pan, it must sizzle. I learned these tips from my mom.

Take one ladle full of batter pour it on the center of the pan. Spread it thin like dosa shape. Sprinkle chopped onions. Add 1tsp of oil around the corners of dosa this helps dosa to cook evenly and crispy.

Once dosa turns golden brown remove it from pan and serve with coconut/peanut/onion/Ginger chutney. It can be served with upma as well...


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