Chegodilu - Evening snack

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend. I had an interesting weekend. Watched my favorite sports(US open Tennis) and tried few recipes.
One of the recipe is Chegodilu. Every Andhraite should know what I am talking about. A favorite evening snack of our family is chegodilu and jantikalu . My mom makes varieties of Chegodilu one of them is today's my post.

I tried this recipe several times, but every time it is a test. Getting the right consistent crispy chegodi is like getting 100% in a test...

Just try this recipe and let me know if you passed the test...


1 cup of Rice Flour
1 cup of water
2 table spoons of Ghee(You can use oil instead of Ghee)
Chili powder
1 table spoon Moong dal
1tsp Cumin seeds

Oil for deep fry


Main task of this recipe is making the dough consistent enough to make the chegodilu.

Dough Preparation:

Boil water add salt, chili powder, ghee, moong dal. Once the water starts boiling reduce the flame add rice flour by stirring it. Turn off the heat cover it with lid for 5 mts till it cools down. Adjust the spices of the dough by tasting it. Knead the dough till it is smooth.

Chegodi Preparation:

Apply oil on to your hands and take a small piece of dough and roll it like a stick of 2 to 3 inch length and shape it like a round by closing the edges. Prepare the entire dough in this manner. Make sure to cover the chegodilu with lid or else they become dry and chegodi will break.

Deep Fry:
In a heavy bottomed vessel heat the oil. Once the oil is hot place the chegodilu one by one. Let the chegodilu fry in medium flame.

(Note: Do not fry in neither hot nor low flame. If you fry in low flame chegodilu absorb more oil. High flame makes the chegodilu uncooked inside.)
Once the chegodilu turns golden color remove it from oil and keep it on absorbent paper. Let the chegodilu cool down completely then store in a tight container.

Crispy,tasty chegodilu ready to be served with tea or coffee. Once you serve these for your guests I bet everyone will ask for recipe.

Nothing can beat Andhra Chegodilu.


  1. will come for chai n this snack tmrw! :)

  2. woow its amazing and very easy to frns love dis alot everybody was asking for receipe..thanks alot.....

  3. wow lovely yummy chgodis....recipe sounds simple...'ll surely give it a try

  4. Thanks Sree. Your blog is too good

  5. nice..looks perfect. great click...

  6. Very Nice and simple. Love Chegodeelu.