Sunnundalu (Urad Dal Laddu)

Hi Everyone,

Happy Navarathri Celebrations to all. As a part of Navarathri celebrations I kept Bommala Koluvu yersterday and made these yummy Sunnundalu for Naivedyam..
Sunnundalu is traditional Andhra sweet. In Andhra none of the functions[marriage/baby shower(Sreemantham in Telugu) ] are completed without Sunnundalu . This unique sweet is yummy and healthy for kids and pregnant women.

Here is the much awaited recipe...


2 cups of Urad Dal
1 1/2 cup of grated Jaggery
1 cup of Ghee


Roast urad dal till turns into golden color on a low flame. Grind urad dal into smooth powder using mixie or food processor. Olden days my grandmother used to grind using Tiragali( manual mixie.). Make sure powder is very smooth.
Now add grated jaggery and grind it for once. This helps jaggery to mix very well with urad dal powder.
Now heat ghee and add slowly to the mixture till you get a consistency of making laddu.

Make mixture into round shaped laddus.. Yummy and delicious laddus are ready to be served.


  1. Looks yummy....will try it out this weekend..... :)

  2. Thanks Soujanya. Let me know how it turn out..