Bobbatlu- A variation using Moong Dal

Bobbatlu, this is one delicious sweet which no one can resist. In Andhra it is called Bobbatlu, Maharashtra Puran Poli, Karnataka Obbattu. We prepare this sweet for almost all festivals and occasions/functions. This sweet tests your patience. It is very time consuming, but worth an effort. Hard works pays off....

Yesterday for Durga pooja I made these delicious bobbatlu. This time I made these with moong dal instead of Chana Dal. This is my mom's recipe.
Here is the recipe for the same.


1 cup of Moong dal
1 cup of Sugar
1 cup of maida/all purpose flour
1tsp of cardamom powder
pinch of salt


Dough preparation:

Mix all purpose flour/maida with pinch of salt, 2 table spoons of oil with water and make it like a softer dough consistency. It should be very soft and sticky softer than chapathi/puri dough.

Purnam preparation:

Cook Moong dal till it is soft and holds the shape. Do not over cook. Drain the water completely and keep it aside and let it cool.

Once dal is completely cool add sugar and cardamom powder. If the purnam is too thin then transfer into a pan and cook till it becomes thick to make round shaped. Make round shaped balls and keep it aside.

Grease your hands with oil and take a small portion of dough spread it on aluminium foil or Banana Leaf( You can even use thick plastic cover like Ziploc bag) into round shape.

Place purnam and close it as it is shown in the picture. Whole process I tried to take pictures to make it very self explanatory.

Now grease your hand with oil and start pressing till it becomes like chapathi shape.

Now transfer the bobbattu slowly on the pan and cook it on low heat using either ghee or oil.

Cook on both sides till it turns golden color.

Delicious Bobbattu ready to be served. Make sure to serve these bobbatlu with ghee.

You can make these bobbatlu with Chana dal using these ingredients.
1 cup of chana dal
1 cup of jaggery
Rest of the process is same as above.

I hope everyone will try this delicious recipe and let me know how it turned out.