Cryspy Onion fritters / Pakoda

Last week was pouring like crazy in bay area. In a rainy day, only thing comes to my mind is eating bajji/pakoda along with hot tea/coffee. As most of you all know I am from Andhra. In Andhra you find two types of Onion Pakoda/Pakodi. One is Gatti pakodi and the other one is metthani pakodi. Gatti Pakodi made with very little amount of water to make it cryspy. Gatti means Hard. Mettani Pakodi is made with little bit more water. Mettani means soft. More water makes fritters little soft like bajji. If you go to any place in Andhra you find these pakoda stalls on the streets where you can find hot fritters made in front of you.
In my family my mom loves to eat Mettani Pakodi and my bro and myself loves Gatti Pakodi. For sure these are my favorite comfort food in cold/rainy weather. So many good memories with these pakodas. Feeling nostalgic by writing this post.

Made these tasty pakoda on Thursday.

Here is the recipe.



1cup of besan(Bengal Gram flour/garbanzo flour)
2tbsp rice flour
1tbsp of chili powder(Spice as per your taste)
1tsp cumin seeds
1 big onion cut into slices
3 green chilies chopped (optional. Adjust as per your spice level)
salt as per your taste
oil to deep fry


Mix flour, onions,spices with very little amount of water into hard batter( Do not add more water. keep it more of dry batter. If you add too much water fritters won't be crispy.). In a pan add oil to deep fry. Once oil is hot use your fingers to drop batter in the form of fritters in hot oil. (Make sure oil is very hot.) Using laddle turn the fritters so that fritters cook evenly. Fry them till they turn golden color on medium heat.
Remove it from oil and drain the excess oil using paper towel.
Serve it with hot tea. (You can store these in air tight container for 1 day)



  1. Sailaja, I agree nothing better that chai and pakoda on a rainy day, love these fritters.

  2. Oh Yum - gimmee some, pretty please!

  3. My all time favourite with tea. Looks absolutely delicious

  4. Wow...these look super...great with hot cup of tea....

  5. fav tea time snack..looks crispy

  6. First time here !!! u have excellent space ...Happy to follow u :)

    Onion Pakoda is one my fav !! This looks so crispy and absolutely delicious !!

  7. Guess what! I made these too, but I made a baked version. they were pretty good for baked ones.

  8. @Raki, That is so nice. Can u share baking recipe?