Cooking spree continuous at my place. Today felt like making one of my favorite evening snack called Murku/Chakli. It is a time consuming snack. But end of the day it is worth. Hard work really pays off. My mom makes these muruku almost every festival or get together. Hats off to her patience for making these for so many people. I still remember those days when all my aunts used to make these delicious snacks for Sankranthi/Pongal at one place. For kids it is the best day since moms are busy in cooking and no one to say no for playing :) On top of it delicious food once you are tired of playing :) Golden days..


3 cups rice flour
1/4 cup of roasted urad dal flour
3tsp vegetable shortening
1 tsp ajwain seeds
red chili powder as per your spice level

Oil to deep fry


Mix flour, salt, red chili powder, ajwain seeds and shortening (Shortening helps to get crispy muruku) and then add water to make a soft dough.
Heat oil in a pan.

Place small piece of dough in Muruku maker. Once oil is hot pipe out the dough into different shapes using muruku maker in the hot oil.( I do it directly in the oil. You can even do these shapes on a plate and carefully transfer into hot oil) Fry the murku in medium heat till it turns into golden color. Remove it from oil and keep it on paper towel to drain excess oil. Let it cool completely and store in air tight container.

Delicious snack is ready.


  1. Mouth watering and delicious snack.

  2. Missing such traditional snacks these days! nice work!

  3. Feel like munching some murukkus..

  4. This is my fav snack...and it looks superb in your space...happy to follow you..


  5. Looks perfect, what a great looking murukku, my son would love to eat those all, I am going to try out :)

  6. This dish is the epitome of complex cooking and you adding pictures of each stage of making this dish is awesome and very helpful and so very nostalgic. Looking at the press itself makes me feel at home atleast for some time :o)

    You making this on a weekday, while working is even more of an inspiration to all of us to get into that kitchen and make some good food. You really are the woman Sailaja,

    Wish you a wonderful Womens' day and thanks for the recipe

  7. @Raki, thanks for such a wonderful comments. But I prepared these snacks on Sunday :)