My mini studio for food photography

Do you really need one? With the hectic work schedule it is very difficult for me to take good pics during the day time. Most of my cooking happens after I come back from work. During summer I can use the natural light to take pics but with the season change I hardly get enough light by the time I reach home. Only way to take pics is to use lights.
Few months back came across RV's Site and found a post about building your own studio. Decided to give a shot and finally ended up making over the weekend. Took few pics using the studio and very impressive. Was planning to post this over the weekend itself but due to hectic schedule couldn't post till now.

Here is my studio. It hardly takes any space. I used corner place in my garage. Total cost of my studio is 14$. 6$ for white cloth from Jo-ann, Day light bulbs 8$.
I used only 2 lights instead of 3 lights as per RV. Since I already have two lights didn't buy work lamps as suggested in the site.


First pic after the setup:




Making the box:


  1. impressive Sailaja, I wanted to make one myself but never got a chance. will check the url and make one

  2. looks really great I too have made one of these boxes they work great.Thanks to RV

  3. Wow what an innovative idea !!! Thanks for sharing this info..did check RV's site too and this is on my list of things to do ASAP. I do take my pics at night too after dinner is ready and boy do I struggle to get a decent Click..This is a blessing for us bloggers.