Simple Tropical Smoothie

It's been 10 days since I own Vitamix. Since then every single day I am experimenting different kind of smoothies in my diet.

Weather in bay area is just reminding me spring, eventhough it is bad to see no rain and feels hot during winter time but can't help it. Hopefully we see some rain soon. Meanwhile I was enjoying the weather with outside activities and having these tropical smoothies.

Today's recipe is one of those yummy smoothies which I made during last week. (approved by a 4 year old :)




1 mango cut into cubes or frozen ( I used fresh mango and kept it in freezer for 3 hours)
2 cuties peeled or substitute with 1 orange
1/2 cup almond milk(you can substitute with water)
1 guava unseeded cut into chunks
8 strawberries (preferred frozen. if not use few ice cubes)

To avoid Ice cubes I did freeze fruits. If you are in hurry just add fresh fruits and add few ice cubes.

In a vitamix add water or milk first then add all the fruits blend for 30 to 45 seconds till you get smooth consistency. (Use tamper to blend all fruits evenly)

Yummy healthy smoothie is ready to enjoy.

My friend's daughter who is 4 years old visited me over the weekend enjoyed this smoothie. In her words "Aunty this is the best smoothie".  If you have a powerful blender try this yummy smoothie. I am sure your kids will enjoy.



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