Basketweave Cake - Course 2 Finale

Today is my last class for Wilton Course 2. Made this prettiest Flower basket cake. Let me tell you the birds on this cake are so delicate. Birds are made with Color flow icing. Transportation was challenging for these color flow icing items. I broke 1 while going to class, second one while coming back. That's why Dayse asked us to make more birds so we can have backup. Finally ended up with no birds on the cake.

Thanks to Dayse for teaching these amazing flowers.

Here are the pics of the same.

Cake with two birds taken in the class:


  1. wow this cake looks amazing and so wonderful.Beautifully decorated.My 1st visit here You have agreat space here.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! the colors of the flowers all of them put together just raises the cake by a level...its amazingggg! beautiful work sailaja, it looks like a beautiful pretty garden...amazing!

  3. Wow, that is so beautiful. I cannot imagine, how much work it is to decorate it in that basket weave decoration and what a selection of all those beautiful colors, lovely, great job done !!!

    Congrats on course completion and those birds sure look delicate.

  4. THats adorable, cute, awesome, brethtaking...lovely cake:)