Anyone from Mumbai can relate to this recipe. I lived in Mumbai for almost 2 years. I cannot forget those days. Pani Puri,chat, bhel puri, Sardar pav baji,frankie, Kulfi etc. You name it everything is available. There is one street in Ghatkopar just for street food. At least once a month we used to go to that street just to eat food. My daughter always complains that I talk too much about Mumbai food. What can I say it is the fact ;).

Today I am talking about one of the healthiest recipe which I learned from one of my best friend Anvi. I am not sure about the origin of this recipe , but for me it is from Mumbai.

Here is the recipe.

1 cup moth beans(matki)
1 cup whole moong
1 cup kala chana
1 cup dry green peas
1 finely chopped large onion
3 medium sized tomatoes chopped finely
1tsp mustard seeds
1tbsp amchur powder(Dry mango powder)
1tsp haldi (turmeric)
salt as per taste
3 tbsp oil
1tsp garam masala
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
curry leaves
1tsp red chili powder(Increase as per your spice level)
Coriander for garnish
Lemon wedges for garnish
Pav/bread to serve with Misal


Soak all the lentils overnight. Pressure cook the lentils and keep it aside.
In a pan heat oil, add mustard seeds, curry leaves. once mustard seeds splutters add ginger garlic paste and fry for 2 mts till the raw flavor goes. Now add onions cook till onions turn brown color. Add chopped tomatoes, masala powder,turmeric, aamchur,salt and chili powder. Cook for 5 mts. Now add cooked lentils and 1/2 cup water. Make sure misal is medium consistency if you think it is more thick add little bit water. Taste it and adjust the spices. Cook the lentils in the spices for 6 to 8 mts and remove it from heat.

Delicious and yummy misal is ready to be served.

Garnish with chopped coriander, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes and namkeen and serve with Pav.


  1. I am with you dear. I also lived there for little less than 2 years and I love Mumbai street food. I had just made this last week. Looks super yummy !!!

  2. Priya, Oh nice to know that u also lived in Mumbai . Yep nothing can beat Mumbai street food.

  3. First time here....

    I really love these street foods...
    Thx. for sharing :-)

    Check my space when u find time


  4. Thanks Aruna. Your blog is awesome.

    Thanks Deesha

  5. HiSailaja, Though I have not lived in Mumbai, I still have heard a lot about the food there. I dont blame you for talking about Mumbai food, I think it brings back good feelings and that is what we always want. I always try to recreate something I tasted somewhere because I liked it a lot and cannot find it here, so I totally get what you are talking about. Thank you so much for this recipe. I enjoy chaat a lot and i will remember to try it soon.

  6. Hi Srimathi, Yep it is all about good memories. Thanks for visiting blog and writing a detailed comment.

  7. who doesn't like these sort of food! lovely misal..BTW first time here..do visit me whenever you can

  8. Thanks Jagruti for visiting my blog. Just visited your blog. Your blog is too good

  9. OMG! This Misal brings lot of college memories for me, I used to eat it for lunch almost everyday!:)

    Looks delicious, must try!