Couscous dry fruit pudding

Yesterday I tried this new recipe called Couscous pudding from Alton Brown's recipe collection. I was very skeptical how this recipe will turn out. But it turned out to be ok. May be next time I will use rice instead of couscous also little bit more sugar.
This recipe is very healthy and low calorie dessert.

Here is the recipe


1 cup couscous
2 cups milk
1 cup plain yogurt or vanilla flavored yogurt
1tsp vanilla extract
4tbsp brown sugar
1/4 cup of dry fruits. ( I used cranberries, raisins, cherries)


Cook couscous in a microwave or in a pan using 3 cups of water.
In a medium saucepan heat milk, dry fruits on medium heat. Once the milk starts boiling add cooked couscous and vanilla extract. Once the mixture cools down add yogurt and mix well. Transfer this mixture into custard bowls/serving bowls and refrigerate. Garnish with crushed pistachios or almonds and serve. This pudding can be served hot or cool


  1. wow, wow, wow Sailaja.... What an idea !!! I have always had coucous as savory, but never as a dessert. I will surely try it.

  2. @Priya,Thanks. Even I never thought i can use couscous for dessert. Thanks to Alton. try it out and let me know how did it turned out..