My drawing practice -- Venus Cast Drawing with Charcoal..

Didn't do much of cooking this week due to hectic week. Usually I do work on some of my hobbies to get out of the stress. This week stress relief is drawing. Yesterday spend 3 hours on this drawing and very happy with the output.

Thanks to my dad who taught me drawing when I was a kid. I can never draw like my dad. He is damn good at drawing. I still remember those days when my dad used to help me to draw for my school projects.
One more person, I would like to thank is Jean for helping me to understand the tone and applying the techniques for perspective drawing.

Here is the picture of my yesterday's drawing...


  1. Sailaja, that has come out very very well, good job !!! I think everyone should keep up with their hobbies :)

  2. Thanks Priya. Drawing is a stress relief for me.. I did my daughter drawing on Sunday.