Ragi(Finger millet) Dosa

Yesterday morning I was debating myself what to make for breakfast which is going to be healthy and quick. Checked my pantry and found Ragi flour decided to make quick Ragi Dosa similar to Rava dosa.

There are multiple ways to do Ragi dosa. Today's recipe is similar to Rava dosa (Quick and easy).

Here is the recipe for the same


1 cup Ragi flour
1/3 cup Rice flour
2tsp cumin seeds
one medium sized onion(Finely chopped)
salt as per taste
2 green chilies finely chopped (Optional)
1tsp red chili powder (If chilies are used skip this ingredient)
3tbsp of yogurt
Oil for shallow fry


Mix all the ingredients with water into thin consistency.

Heat a pan(cast iron or non stick), add 1 tsp of oil, spread it with top part of onion(You can use other vegetable tops like brinjal or bottle gourd). This is to season the pan so that the dosa comes off easily without sticking to the pan. The pan must be hot for dosa to come out in good shape. You can check the hotness of pan by sprinkling water on the pan, it must sizzle. I learned these tips from my mom.

Take one ladle full of batter pour it from the edges to the center. Add 1tsp of oil around the corners of dosa this helps dosa to cook evenly and crispy.

Once dosa turns golden brown remove it from pan and serve with your favorite chutney.


  1. Very pretty lacy looking Ragi dosa, yummy.

  2. WOw, that indeed luks very crisp...mine always goes soggy:( Thanks for sharing this recipe, dear.