Cartooning inspired by Activity TV

Hi Everyone,

Today I am just going to post some of the cartoons which I did over the weekend watching Activity TV on Comcast.

I like to draw once in a while. All the credit goes to my dad since he is my guru(teacher). He is very good in drawing. In school I used to get full marks for my drawing because of my dad's guidance. Recollecting all those memories I started doing this cartooning along with Bruce Blitz (Cartoonist).

If anyone is interested in doing this you can either watch the program or visit . Step by step instructions are available in the website.

Cartoons which I am posting are made with letter "B" and number "5". Look how the letters "B" and "5" can be transformed into simple and nice cartoons.


B for Bunny:

B for Bob the builder:

Pizza Chef (using 5):

Sea Captain(using 5):

Judah Maccabe:

This cartoon is not from any letter. This is real character cartoon.