Peanut Chutney

When it comes to chutnies my daughter's favorite chutney is Peanut chutney. Today I am going to write the recipe of peanut chutney. This chutney is good with idlies,vada ,dosa and bajji.


1 cup of Peanuts
Salt to taste
small piece of tamarind
4-5 Green chillies( as per the spice)
1 garlic flake (Optional)

For tampering/popu/tadka:

1/2tsp of mustard seeds
curry leaves
1 red chilly

Roast the peanuts in a seperate pan. Grind the peanuts along with salt,green chillies, garlic (Optional) and tamarind. Once it becomes smooth paste remove it in a bowl.

Heat a pan add mustard seeds,curry leaves and red chilly. Once the mustard seeds pops up turn off the hea. Add the popu/tadka to the chutney.
You can serve this chutney with hot idlies , dosa, vada or any kind of bajjis.

Serve this chutney along with Idlies/dosas.


  1. Hi,

    the chutney loooks sooo yummy, I feel like eating just the chutney...the should post another recipe about idlies..they look really good..