Wheat Flour Halwa/Seera (Godhuma Pindi Halwa)

Last Friday my close friend hosted the Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam at her place.
I thought so much to decide on what to make for Naivedyam, finally recollected my mom's dish of Ragi flour Halwa. My mom used to make this sweet sometimes using Chodi pindi(I don't know the english name for Chollu . They are similar to Ragulu) sometimes with Ragi Flour, more often in my childhood. She used to say this sweet dish is very nutritious for kids.

I didn't find the ragi flour in my kitchen. Instead of wasting time to shop I decided to replace Ragi flour with Wheat flour. It came out so good. This is very nutritious and delicious.. Kids will love it. So next time when you have more guests or any pooja time try to do this delicious recipe either using wheat flour or ragi flour.

1 cup of Wheat flour
1 cup of Sugar( It can be reduced as your sweet level)
1 cup of Water (Same amount as sugar)
1/2 cup of Ghee
2 cardamoms

pistachios and Almonds for decorating


Roast the wheat flour in the ghee till it turns golden brown color. In a separate pan add the sugar , cardamom powder and water. Keep it for 5 mts till the sugar is dissolved.

Once the wheat flour turned to golden brown color add the sugar syrup and keep stirring till the mixture starts leaving the ghee. This might take 10-15 mts. Turn off the heat and garnish with crushed nuts.

The delicious Wheat flour halwa is ready to serve.