Poornam Boorelu with Moong Dal

As a part of any festival celebrations first thing which comes to our mind is food. My mom used to make poornam boorelu and bobbatlu for almost all the festivals like Sankranthi, Ugadi, Dasera (the list goes on :)).
For this Ugadi I made poornam boorelu which are my favorite sweet/naivedyam. It is little bit elaborated process but worth working for such a delicious sweet.

For next festival try out this sweet, I am sure everyone will love it.


Poornam/Stuffing Ingredients:

1 cup of moong dal
11/2 cup of Sugar
1/2 tsp elachi/cardamom powder
1/4 cup coconut cut into very thin pieces

Preparation of Poornam/stuffing:

Soak the moong dal for 4-5 hrs. Grind the dal and steam the batter as idlies. Once the idlies are cool mash them without any lumps. Then add sugar,elachi powder and coconut pieces and make a small round shaped balls like the way it is shown in pictures.

Topu/outer layer:

1/4 cup of Urad Dal
1 cup of Rice
pinch of salt
2tbsp sugar

Soak the urad dal and Rice together for 4-5 hrs and grind them into dosa batter consistent.
Add small pinch of salt and sugar to the batter.


Heat a pan and put oil. Once the oil is hot, dip the poornam balls into topu(dosa batter) and place it in the oil. (Make sure you are familiar, how to handle the hot oil). Deep fry till they turn golden brown and crunchy. You can place at a time 5-6 balls as per the size of pan.

They are ready to keep it for prasadam/Naivedyam. These are very famous in Andhra.


  1. wow, this looks great, will try this thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Sailaja,

    Am first time visitor to your blog. Poornaalu looks so delicious.
    You have a cool collection of recipes.