Potato Bhaji (Bangala Dumpa Upma Koora)

After a whole day spent in Tech museum today with my daughter, I decided to cook very simple and easy curry to go well with chapathis.
Here you go Potato Curry(Bangala Dumpa Upma Koora) which is very simple to make. If anyone has a doubt why this is called Upma Koora, here is the reason. Ingredients and process of cooking this recipe and Upma are same except Suji/Goduma Ravva. We use Potato instead of Suji/Goduma Ravva in this curry.

(Preparation time 15mts).

4 Potatoes
1 onion (finely chopped)
1 tomato finely chopped(if Tomato is big then half is sufficient)
2 green chillies
Salt to taste
pinch of turmeric

For popu/tadka:

1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp chana dal/gram dal(bengal Gram)
1 red chilly
1/2 tbsp oil
curry leaves

Boil the potatoes. Once the potatoes are boiled crush and keep it aside. In a separate a pan put oil, mustard seeds, chana dal, Red chilly, curry leaves. Once chana dal is roasted add onions. Once the onions starts to turn golden color add tomatoes and keep it for 2 mts. Then add the crushed potatoes. Add turmeric powder, Salt and little bit of water and cover it with lid. Once the onions and tomatoes are cooked with tomatoes turn off the heat. Season with coriander leaves.

Now the tasty potato curry is ready to serve. This curry is good with Puris,chapathis or Rice.


  1. Was confused if I should use Green chillies or red chillies - used them both, fried 2 boiled eggs, dropped them in the curry... turned out to be awesome, my American gf is happy :)